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Compare & Contrast

             How would a person feel he/she witnesses 850,000 pairs of shoes worn by dead people in the holocaust or he/she is about to be kidnapped and killed? In the biological sketch, "Walking with Living Feet," and the story "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been," the authors demonstrate the difficult situations two girls face. Connie and Dara are two different girls who are facing painful situation and do not handle the situations well.
             First, Connie and Dara are facing unfavorable situations and do not handle the circumstances well. Fifteen-year-old Connie is threatened by a thirty-year-old man named Arnold Friend, ""You don't want them to get hurt," Arnold Friend went on. "Now, get up, honey. Get up all by yourself."" Connie does not know how to handle the sate of affair. She believed the stranger is going to kill her family so she gave up herself. "She watched herself pushing the door open, watching her body and her head of long hair moving out into the sunlight where Arnold Friend waited." She did not attempt to escape or do something about Arnold Friend. Dara is a girl who just saw 850,000 pairs of shoes worn by the dead Jews in the holocaust. "About five barracks are filled with nothing but shoes of some of the people who were killed there- Over 850,000 pairs. In one barracks, I sat on the platform about five feet off the ground, and surrounding it was an ocean of shoes, five feet deep. In the gas chamber I could not feel anything but in that room filled wit shoes, my mental blockade cracked." Dara could not handle the situation well either. When she saw the 850,000 pairs of shoes she started crying and could not control herself, she is shocked.
             Second, If Connie is compared to ground the Dara will be compared to sky, they are two different girls. Connie pays more attention to herself and Dara pays more attention to others. For example, "She is fifteen and she had a quick, nervous giggling habit of craning her neck to glance into mirrors or checking other people's faces to make sure her own is all right.

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