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Compare and contrast

             Rich people are pigs! I will objectively compare rich people and pigs. I will use volume, children, and odor as my comparison tools.
             Rich people are loud. The voice is not as loud as the physical. They have a four to five story house with a five-car garage. The garage is filled with three new Mercedes and two boats. This makes them be heard in their neighborhood. Rich people buy designer clothes and gigantic diamonds to be heard in the mall. Pigs are plain noisy with their everyday snorting and grunting. The pig has no intention to increase the grunts or snorts to be heard. They just grunt and snort with no reasoning behind it. .
             Rich kids will never fear the wrath of their parents. The parents simply do not care, because they believe all can be fixed with money. The kids that do want more than just money will be sent away to year round boarding school. The parents will not know what to do with a child that does not want money. The sow will train her litter to behave. A good pig will be rewarded with love and attention not money. A mischievous piglet will be sentenced to being last in line to eat. The rich people do not care of behavior, but the sow demands it from her litter.
             Rich people - pew! The odor of heartlessness is like a dirty litter box. Rich people supply money funds to non-profit organizations. The pigs are the ones out there do the physical work. Rich people do not bake for bake sales. No, it is the pigs out there. I suppose that there are a few rich people intertwined with the pigs. .
             The rich people would not be able to get in the spotlight to be heard, if it was not for the pigs. It is to bad that the rich get more credit with the non-profit, neighborhood, and children popularity than the pigs, because of money. Money does not buy happiness. If you are rich or a pig you should be heard from the heart as well as the children.

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