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Classroom Management Theories

            As an individual who went through the extreme academic and exam oriented schooling system in an Asian country, I strive to create a teaching environment that will inspire hope, ignite the light of imagination and creativity as well as instill respect and love for education amongst my students. I believe that teaching is the only profession that allows an individual to create all other professions, hence being of upmost respect. I would like to be a teacher who inspires students through blending the given course structure with various resources, but at the same time fitting it into the same conventional teaching box. My idea class would have a common goal created by both myself and my students, and steps taken together to satisfactorily achieve the goal. .
             As a Media Studies teacher, I am well aware that facts are easily available on the internet (Attwood, 2008). The aim of teaching has now shifted from making students know things, to making students learn things on their own. I believe the greatest asset of a teacher is the ability to creatively modulate and organize the lesson and present it in a form that is appreciated and understood by students. My ideal classroom environment would be when I model and structure my lessons through an interactive manner, allowing students to debate, exchange notes, answer questions and display their thoughts to be shared with the rest of the class. I believe in a flexible mode of teaching which both are responsive and engaging, which creates a unique atmosphere in class. With students being the center of the learning process, they are encouraged to participate and get involved in their lesson. Ideally, my goal towards a perfect classroom would be for students to form questions and be inquisitive to seek answers for their questions. .
             The driving force of my lessons would be the oral as well as written activities in order for students to develop an interest towards the lessons.

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