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A Non-Coercive Teaching Environment

            As a future educator I would like to work with multiple subject students ranging third to sixth grade. However for the purpose of this paper and to help focus my beliefs of classroom management, I have chosen to discuss sixth grade. My basic beliefs for running a successful, positive, and supportive classroom is teaching students to have respect and be self-disciplined. Ultimately I would say I strive for my teaching style to be authoritative and the text explains it best. .
             "These teachers are "primarily non-punitive" (Brown, 2004, p. 286) and rely on their relationships with students rather than on fear or punishment. However, they still "use an assertive demeanor when necessary to establish their authority as a teacher" (p. 286). This style, which combines caring with high expectations and an authoritative teaching style, is known as a "warm demander" (Gregory & Weinstein, 2008, p. 65). The ideal teacher sets limits, states expectations, enforces rules, avoids power struggles, and does not humiliate students (Bondy et al., 2007). This can be challenging because not every student is the same and they don't all come from the same background. I myself come from a broken home and was in and out of foster care my whole life; and never once did one of my teachers ask me why I wasn't getting homework done or why I missed so much school. Instead I became the student they just passed along, so I would no longer be their problem. I do not want that for my future students - I want them to succeed greatly against all odds. I want a classroom in which they can always feel safe. I want them to come to me with anything they feel is important and need help with. It is my job to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel and become people they can be proud of. That being said I know I can't help every single one, but I will try my hardest to and this is my plan to do that.

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