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Methods of Effective Teaching

            Education is one of the most important thing a child can receive. However, having a teacher that can positively instruct and impact a child's life is an effective teacher. Every child is not the same, due to this reason; teachers have to make modifications lesson plan to accommodate their students. It is crucial for a teacher to be effective in the classroom. Teachers who have students in their class may follow the four instructional practices: Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated instructions, modifications, and accommodations. .
             Effective teaching is when a teacher can successfully impact and educate students in a positive manner. Being an effective teacher includes being well prepared and educated on the subject that is being taught, having a positive attitude towards students, and the ability to answer questions or problems a student might have. Students are not the exact same. Some children might have a single disability that can range from reading to a physical disability. This causes teachers to be flexible with lesson plans, however being fair to the other students. According to National Center on Universal Design for Learning (2013), the universal design provides the flexibility in ways for information to be presented to student in a knowledgeable and skillful way. The teacher also has to reduce any type of instructional barriers and supply accommodations that are appropriate to support the challenges of a child. The accommodations must maintain expectations for students. Teachers might also use the instructional practice of differentiated instruction. The processes include tailoring instructions to meet the individual students needs (Tomlinson, 2000). The child can have up to four tailored elements in the classroom. The four elements are content, process, products, and learning environments. Content is how the student will receive and access information. Process includes activities to assist the student to understand the content that presented to them.

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