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An Examination of Effective Teaching Methods Within

             Page 11 - Incorporating Practical Work Into Sports Science.
             Page 14 - Examination of Practical Work.
             Page 25 - Experimental Work in Sports Science.
             Page 29 - Reflection From Experience and Observation.
             Page 38 - Criticisms.
             Page 43 - Conclusion.
             Page 45 - Bibliography.
             This research attempts to put forward a strong argument for the effective use of practical work, as part of the active learning' approach, in post-compulsory education.
             It explains the diversity of areas that practical work covers, why practical work should be used as a teaching approach, and how practical work is incorporated into the subject of Sports Science. I reflect on the effectiveness of practical work as a teaching approach, discussing the problems that can arise from using practical work as a teaching approach. Finally, I discuss what changes need to take place for the effective use of practical work in the future.
             The first section examines what my motivation was for choosing to focus on the topic, and what my interest is in the topic from a personal point of view. It also mentions how my experience at my placement college supports, and is part of my research. Lastly, it states how the college, as well as I, have benefited from the research. This section is the rationale.
             The next section is the introduction. This section gives you an idea of the type of students that choose to follow a Sports Science course. Describing their background, what motivates them, and why it Sports Science courses tend to be male-dominated.
             Incorporating practicals into the Sports Science lesson is the next section. Here I try to explain what kind of balance there needs to be between theory and practice in Sports Science, as well as how practicals are incorporated into Sports Science lessons.
             Why practical work is used, the effective use of practicals, and examples of different types of practicals are given in An Examination of Practical Work', the next section.

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