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Methods to Reduce Second Language Learning Anxiety

            The anxiety in learning second language can be reduced by the teachers and the students by themselves. Firstly, the teacher may conduct the lessons with creativity. Besides, environment is another very important aspect to reduce the students' anxiety. Teachers need to pay attention to the students' learning rate and their different cultural background. Teacher should relate the teaching plan with updated issues discussed in the society to attract the students' attention and the students can remember what the teacher taught easily. On the other hand round, the student also need to put in some effort to reduce their anxiety in learning second language. They need to lower their anxiety so that they can improve by persuading themselves not to afraid to speak in front of people. They also can look straight into teacher's eyes to get some support from the teacher. A peer interaction is very important too because the students may learning from each other and they will improve together.
             Worde (2003) carried out an interview among American students who took French, German, and Spanish class. The teachers were complained by the students saying that their teacher spoke too fast and refuse to use English to make further explanation. This reduce the learning spirits of the students. Besides, the class was moved too fast that the students couldn't able to catch up and digest the grammar rules of the second language they are learning. Many of the students expressed that they feel tension and anxiety when they know that they will be called to answer question one by one by the teacher. The most negative comments toward the teacher are "apathetic", "very stern", "condescending", "obnoxious", "one who tries to scare students" and mean. Teacher interrupts to correct speaking errors make the student to lose of confident and anxiety level will increase. Apart from that, test anxiety also occurs among students.

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