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Community language learning

             Community Language Learning(CLL) approach emerged in the 1970s and 1980s as the emphasis switched from the mechanical practice of language patterns such as Audiolingual method to activities that engaged the learner in more meaningful and authentic language use. While Curran was studying on adult's fear of learning new language, he believed that the counceling-learning model would help lower the instinctive defenses adult learners throw up. In CLL, the aim is to involve the learner's whole personality. The teacher is the counselor who gives assistance and support to the learners. The teacher's role is to understand the learners' fear and vulnerabilities as they struggle to master another language. By being sensitive to the learners' fear, the teacher can turn the negative energy of those fears into positive energy and enthusiasm for learning. Teacher's responsibility is to recognize each learner's feeling and their level of target language because the feedback from the teacher to the learner is important in this method. If there is a learner whose target language is little behind from other learners', teacher should consider this point and speak little slowly to that student so he/she could get less burden of learning new language. Therefore the relationship between the teacher and learner and between the learners themselves take on great importance. .
             Our presentation focus on completing the task successfully through communication with others rather than on the accurate use of form. Since the learners were only in the second level according to this method, we focused more on fluency than on accuracy. During the activities the teacher's role was to facilitate and then to monitor, usually without interruption, and then to provide feedback on the success or otherwise of the communication and possibly, on the linguistic performance of the learners in the form of post-activity error correction.

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