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Effective Learning Methods

            As everybody knows, each student has her/his own specific way of efficient learning and it is necessary to find out that method for a better learning and a successful college life. Personally, my method of studying is a little bit different compared to others. Most often I prefer to study alone and during studying alone not because of being alone helps me learn more, the main reason is that much of the students are not good in group studying also I have to say that Pictures and diagrams help a lot. Another important way to learn effectively is class lectures while listening to class lectures I can learn much better and it helps me more than solo studying and specifically one time reviewing my notes is enough during the exam times if I attend class lectures attentively.
             In the case of subjects like biology or chemistry performing processes myself helps me learn better and for subjects like English literature or college algebra practicing it on paper definitely helps me more than just reading the formulas. .
             When I face a very difficult question I read the question along with instructions many times and if after many attempts I could not understand then I would refer to a friend or a teacher. One of teaching methods which make me bored and does not help students learn effectively is using the PowerPoint slides, Personally, I think it shows the teacher not paying much attention to students and just wants to pass the time, On the other hand if she/he explain all of the main parts of the topic one by one on the whiteboard or using her/his own handwriting then it will encourage learning, At least for few students including me.
             Another method usually teachers use is giving lectures on tapes to watch it at home, In this case, I would prefer not to use it because it does not provide a class-like environment so it does not help me as much as it should.When it comes to fast learning my own notes, teacher's notes and handouts are great helps, they give a brief and effective gist of lecture in a matter of minutes.

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