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My Teaching Philosophy

            The ability of a teacher to contribute to the pedagogy of students is essential and of great privilege. American journalist and former news anchor Dan Rather, opened up his 1977 autobiography The Camera Never Blinks, with a profound statement about the beginning of his dreams, ignited by a former teacher The quote reads, "The dream begins most of the time with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes even poking you with a sharp stick called truth." Fundamentally, I will strive to foster the ambitions of empowerment, determination, persistence in my students, regardless of the circumstances or challenges that may arise. Creating a positive learning environment and leading by example, will provide a strong paradigm for my students to base their own beliefs off. Supporting my students will continuously come first and I will constantly strive to motivate, facilitate and push my students every step of the way.
             Teaching allows me the potential to inspire my students, change their lives for the better and to reap the inner reward that follows. The more you give to your students, the more you receive back, creating an endless positive feedback loop. The ability to work directly with children and supporting their intellectual and social growth is incredibly positive and meaningful. Incorporating such notions as I will confront all challenges faced head on and with determination of steel. Challenges such as never having enough, assuredly will arrive. Whether it is not enough time, resources or just not enough of me, as warned by Peter Greene (2014). Such challenges will keep the role exhilarating and through facing such opposition, I will become better, faster, stronger and find a way to succeed as an instructor.
             My pedagogic creed will include helping my students grow as a result of tailored, evolving, instruction and that such growth will lead to empowerment.

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