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Philosophy of Teaching

             Webster's dictionary defines school as an institution for teaching or giving instruction in any subject. It's the place with four walls or no walls. One can consider a car to be school if there is teaching present. School does not necessarily have to be a building; it can literally be anywhere. Let's set the foundation for education. The dictionary defines education as the process of training; knowledge. One attend school with intent on gaining knowledge or as we say "get an education". The education they receive can be specific, meaning a specialty, or very broad / general. There are many philosophies or beliefs and attitudes related to teaching. This paper expounds upon my personal beliefs.
             It is my belief that everyone has his or her own philosophy of teaching. They may adopt styles similar to those of famous and well known philosophers, but no one person feels the exact same way, nor thinks the same way. I believe some aspects of the major philosophers. I tend to adopt different attitudes and ways from many of them.
             I believe that the purpose of school is to help individuals get an education, broaden their horizons, strengthen their minds while in a "formal" setting. So one can interact with peers. Instructional use is to give basics and fundamentals first, then expand upon them. I think maybe one has to take or use various methods in order to be successful.
             A teacher is a facilitator. One who relays the information and tries to help the student get / see the bigger / clear picture. The teacher is also a caring and nurturing individual. I also strongly feel that the teacher should not be the sole educator, the foundation starts at home with the family and the teacher builds upon it.
             The Behaviorist believes in a lot of repetition; they view the teacher as an authoritive figure. The repetition would be favorable with the Math component. Through repetition I feel as though one can master the content.

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