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"What is Philosophy?"

             The quest for truth is elusive in modern society because we are accustomed to using science to show us that something is true. Not everything can be proven by science, since it requires significant material evidence to be a matter of fact. Therefore many issues are left out. Philosophy comes in to take the challenging topics, like the meaning of life and existence. It explores them in ways science is incapable of doing, since they yield no material evidence, and gives us knowledge that is even more important than that of gravity. After all if we don't know why we are here, then why are we here?.
             In the time before material proof we had great teachers and scientists. They wanted to know more, why we live? These people are still teaching us today, because by reading about them and the questions they asked, we are able to continue the eternal search for knowledge, and truth.
             When we find truth, the first and last thing that a philosopher will do is criticize it. Because if the truth is unable to withstand scrutiny from its critics, then it in fact was never truth at all. All of this criticism is the reason that philosophy feels so uncomfortable to us. No one wants to be criticized for their thoughts but we all want truth. Until we have quenched our insatiable thirst for truth, we will know philosophy. If Socrates said, "The unexamined life, is not worth living." Philosophy makes life worth living.

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