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Eastern Philosophy Paper

            Eastern philosophy refers to the various philosophies of Asian countries such as China, India, Japan and some Middle Eastern countries. With religions such as Buddha, Hinduism, and Zen, it shows the distinct beliefs of the eastern beliefs and practices. Eastern philosophy promotes the freedom and oneness with the universe while living for God. Living life to the fullest in the present as opposed to the past or beliefs of others is the philosophy of eastern philosophy. Being free of negativity and bad emotions is the goal of eastern philosophy. The ultimate ideas of living a good life full of peace and tranquility will allow one to reach their full potential and bring forth good energy to one's self and the universe. .
             To have oneness with the universe is an eastern philosophy that is reality in one's own mind. To be one with the universe and one's self is a reality that must be unchanging and infinite. Channeling and focusing on one's inner thoughts to begin full actualization brings forth perfect harmony. This allows one a direct path to experiencing truth and having a pure and meaningful existence. When one has achieved oneness, they will then have the ability to live in the present with positive energy. .
             Positive energy is what brings about success in eastern philosophy. Ridding one's self of negative emotions such as fear, anger, and sadness will allow one a pure existence. To serve God, and the community is a spiritual cleanser and bring forth positive energy. Finding balance with emotions leads to a free will and self-awareness. Being a good person and doing good is believed to be a direct result of ignorance and ego, which lead to unhappiness. Positive energy is believed to be reached with such practices such as meditation and spirituality.
             In Eastern philosophy, it is said that the ego is independent of life. Eastern philosophies believe that the ego serves as a division between one's self and the Universe and God.

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