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My Personal Philosophy of Education

            After reviewing and dissecting my personal educational philosophy and where my truth is I am left desiring to define and shape my views. To say that I am married to a specific philosophy without any experience seems naive. I am left feeling tangential but yearning for self-definition simultaneously. Upon initial thought it was clear, so I thought, that my personal preference would have foundation in the facts and the truths derived from those facts. So a teacher-centric methodology would be congruent with these concepts in learning in theory. A framework and linear idea of facts, as in history, gives way to truths and subsequently gives way to the tenets of integral principles. These principles are life-long concepts and really do apply to everyone everywhere. They are perennial in nature. Personal development through core curriculum was most appealing to me during my development as a youth. My development as a learner was most engaged by a handful of history teachers who were passionate, gregarious, and demonstrative inherently. The message was conveyed to me and spawned personal growth and interest in this field. These teachers were for the most part perennial in their educational discourse upon further reflection. My personal gravitation towards a perennial educational and teaching philosophy is due to its inclusiveness in regard to the other philosophies. It will only be through future experiences and a more in depth knowledge that my current philosophy may be morphed or even refuted.
             Any idyllic classroom upon hopeful reflection would be a microcosm of what the world is, can be, and will be in the future for the students. It would be matched concurrently and conversely with a safe respite from that microcosm. It is an inherent right of the students to develop ideas of the world at the secondary level without having to tangibly be a part of it yet. Unfortunately this is not entirely the case but the classroom should be an educational safe haven and refuge.

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