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My Educational Philosophy

            In beginning my journey defining my personal educational philosophy, one that is sure to develop and advance with time, my beliefs and opinions most closely identify with the social reconstructionist philosophy. Because there are many intersections between reconstructionism and experimentalism, I consider myself to also align with certain aspects of an experimentalist, as well. My personal philosophy is outlined and clarified through the examination of seven questions: What is the essence/goal of education? How should education provide for the needs of the people? What should the environment of education or atmosphere of the school be? How should appropriate learning occur and what should be the preferred teaching method? What should the curriculum include? What is the role of the teacher? What is the nature of the learner? .
             As a social reconstructionist, it is my belief that the heart of education should lay in the foundation of growth through social action. Considering the reconstruction of experience, the goal of education should be the preparation of citizens to construct a more just society. Education is to have children act on their own knowledge, to construct systems and to alter and mold structures so that the world is a better place for everybody [ CITATION Sta92 l 1033 ]. As it is my responsibility to educate students to change the world for the better, I must center my learning objectives around generating change of social issues and inequalities and instilling habits and values that are useful to the greater local, national, and international communities. Personally, I have untapped faith in the ability of education, through the medium of curriculum, to educate children to critically analyze themselves in relation to their community, understand the evils of their community, develop a vision of a better society, and bring about that vision. .
             As an institution of change and in providing for the needs of the people, education should help people identify with and contribute to social groups while also equipping people with knowledge and skills needed to make society a more humane place [ CITATION Gil06 l 1033 ].

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