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Educational Philosophy

             The teacher's educational philosophy creates the entire setting for the classroom and their students. My philosophy would be that of a progressivist, which is one of the student-centered philosophies. I feel the most important thing children learn in the school environment is social skills. No matter how intelligent one may be, if they have no social skills, the chances of them being successful are at a much more slim chance. The ability to communicate effectively with people, possibly fellow employees, is an imperative skill to have in the real world. .
             I am also very strong about curriculum, and I think it is absolutely necessary for all students to have a very strong foundation in the core courses, but I do not think a child who is not particularly strong in math will be less successful in the future. People can go into careers that focus on their strong points and avoid their weaker areas. It is next to impossible to find a job where you have absolutely no interaction with other people though, that is why I feel so strongly about the development of people skills. .
             In my classroom, there would be a very relaxed feel to it; the students would get to work together on projects and other activities, they could chose to work on tasks individually .
             if they would like, and I would mainly just "float" around from group to group, or student to student, to check on their progress and help on anything they need assistance on. I think a classroom the students feel comfortable in, they are more likely to be themselves, be able to work on things without having to worry about such a strict structure, and they would have more trust in their teacher. If a teacher is really strict, the student will be very intimidated, which .
             Brafford 2.
             could be good when it comes to discipline, but I feel the student will never really go above and beyond the standards, because they do the work just to have it completed and to meet the requirements, rather than because they are actually interested in it.

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