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Philosophy of Adult Education.

             I am a french female mature student living in Ireland -.
             Examine the views of any philosopher on the nature of education and discuss their relevance to your own perceptions of teaching and learning.
             Paulo Freire's views on education are remarkably provocative. In his book Pedagogy of the oppressed, he describes a new and targeted methodology of pedagogy. Having experienced the "banking education" system in France, I found Freire's approach revolutionary and the cornerstone on which a more enlightened and effective education system could be founded.
             We must not forget that Paulo Freire was a native Brazilian and because of his new methodology and philosophy approach to education and political belief, had to flee his country. His objective was to educate impoverished and illiterate people. .
             Why was it so important for Paulo Freire to see people being educated? .
             Because, in his mind, education and knowledge are powerful tools against oppression and abuse. Education is the best way to awaken consciousness to justice and democracy and, more importantly, to awaken consciousness of one is self.
             In his book, he stresses the importance of changing the mechanism of thought of the oppressor and the oppressed. Both are prisoners of this mechanism and Freire believes that the real change must come only from the oppressed.
             He places an emphasis on helping those who have been oppressed since he believes their education has been most ignored. He talks of how those who are poor, or plagued by oppression, should band together, since unity will help them achieve a sense of empowerment faster than their individual voices. Standing alone and trying to forge a new path towards enlightenment-one they have been denied for so long-would most likely only cause them more harm than good. It is only with the force of a group that they will achieve their goals, be noticed, and in turn benefit from the new found awareness society will have.

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