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Philosophy Of Education

             Education is the single most powerful tool anyone can ever own. Education can take you from the dirtiest, filthiest slum, to the top of the world if the person is willing to work hard enough. It is essential that we offer it to all people, it could mean the difference between a life of crime and a life long learner. We are a people that just try to survive the best we can, and we want a good life. Sometimes, children fall between the cracks, they fall behind, feel like failures and turn to a more brutal form of survival, which usually is them against the world. We learn that in this life yourself is the only one you can depend on to do for you what needs to be done. However, I believe that the school environment should be different. We need to focus on building a community of caring individuals that can call on anyone else for help and understanding. I believe education should be free to all. There are so many other countries that make a free education system through college work for them. They also offer other free alternatives to college if that individual feels that they just aren't suited for college. Those countries are currently surpassing the U.S. in education standards. I also think that education is absolutely necessary for a democracy. In educating children to their fullest they then understand what a true democracy is, and are able to see our democracy for what it truly is. Nothing is what it seems, like democracy that sounds good on paper, so do many other things, but by education we are able to open our eyes and make a judgement on our own.
             Schools must be a money making business in the U.S. to every one but the actual teachers teaching it, because we have one of the most backward school systems that I have ever seen. We are placing more and more emphasis on learning at an earlier age, and less and less on the essential play that they need to learn. Play is a vital part of developing social skills as well as skills that will develop life long learners later on.

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