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Brain based learning

             As the visionary author-scientist H. Wells aptly phrased it, "Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe" (Jensen, 1996). There exists urgency in the educational system for the initiation of change. It is time to restructure our schools through the application of educational models that will bring us a complete learning organization. In order to gain an appreciation of the well-managed classroom we must take a look at the gamut of classroom models available to the educator. The three distinguished models, which will be discuused in this paper, are Brain-Based Learning by Eric Jensen, Harry Wong, and Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. These theories will be discussed regarding their strengths and weaknesses as well as their applications in effective classroom management. .
             Since its inception, brain-based learning has provided a window into which educators can approach learning with insight of how the brain affects what happens in the classroom. Eric Jensen offers an approach that encapsulates the scientific rationales for learning. Jensen believes that by focusing on the complex organ itself, educators can gain an understanding of the "rules" for learning. By understanding the need to provide the brain with such things as oxygen, glucose, amino acids, and rest, the student is likely to understand subjects better, become motivated, feel more competent as a learner, and be able to apply their learning in other areas. (1996) .
             According to Jensen (1996) the brain is like a rain forest jungle. It has its own zones, regions, and sectors. The law of the jungle is survival and it only learns what it needs to survive socially, economically, emotionally, and physically. Just as a jungle is different depending on the time of day, so is the human brain. The importance of giving adequate attention to the timetable of the human brain cannot be overstated because of its direct correlation with student behaviors and learning.

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