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Reflection on My Midterm Essay

            Just as not everyone can become a pilot, in the same way not everyone can become a writer, well at least a good one. Unfortunately, I have come to the consensus that I am one of those people than neither will know how to fly a plane nor write papers. Even though I come from a background where writing essays were a focal point of the classes I took, I still have not reached a point where I can say to myself "Wow, what an essay"!" When I signed up to take EN 101, to be honest, I was convinced that the class would be a breeze since it is just an introductory course. However, when the time came to write my first essay for the class, the Response Essay, I realized that no matter how easy of a class I take, writing essays is really not my forte. The trickiest, and the most time consuming part of writing an essay for me is coming up with the thesis statement. .
             In most cases, the thesis statement is usually the most important part of an essay because it is supposed to tell the reader what to expect from the rest of the paper and hook the reader on to finish the paper. In that case, I will have to make sure my thesis hooks the reader, in this case Mr. Sharpe, on to my paper. Although, mastering the art of writing is not in my top ten things to do before I die, I am confident that with the ability to identify problems in my own writing, I can build upon my strengths to hopefully one day write a paper and say to myself "Wow, what an essay ".
             Identifying one's own flaws can be a little discouraging to their ego, but once the flaws have been identified it makes it easier to work off them and manipulate them to be their strengths. I have seemed to identify the obstacles that I experience when writing my essays but I just cannot find a way to get through them. One of the comments Mr. Sharpe posted on my last essay said "You may want to work on transitions a bit ". I have been seeing that comment ever since high school, and I still have not found a way to fix it.

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