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Reflective Essay - Succeeding in College

            Most of my moments in were overall good moments. I loved being in class this semester at first I wasn't expecting the teacher to be so nice and actually wanting to help you but I'm glad that had the chance to be in the class with Professor Olenjnik. These moments spent in the classroom has taught me a lot in the writing world. I really feel as if I learned so much in the little amount of time I was taking this course. Not just the atmosphere of the people in the room or the teacher itself it was everything itself. The peer review helped me guide on the most mistakes I tend to make on writing essays but with help from my piers I was sure to succeed in the writing world. I also liked if we didn't quite understand something how there would be a lesson over it just for us to understand it in a better way. Open class discussions made it easier to ask questions in the classroom and more calming to discuss if there was problem we had with an assignment. .
             I am most proud of is how much confidant I have got in writing before I use to always think my problem wouldn't get better that I wasn't good at writing papers. Didn't think that my essays wasn't ever satisfying to the eye of the beholder. Recently, being in this course I found out I do have a thing for writing essays that I'm not horrible at writing papers and there are people who want me to succeed in life. Every paper I ever done while taking this course I have always got good feedback from the professor telling me how much work I put in to it and that the only thing is my grammar but can easily be fixed. I have always felt good about my work, making good grades in one of my hardest subjects is a good feeling. .
             I am very outgoing person but when it comes to school I'm quiet. In this class I liked raising my hand asking questions getting an answer right. I remember when we had discussion over this story in the English book and of course we had to read the story to answer the questions but surprisingly almost every story I read expect a couple I skimmed.

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