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            Boyd defines reflection as " the process of internally examining and exploring issue of concern, triggered by an experience which creates and clarifies meaning and which results in a changed conceptual perspective"(Boyd & Fales, 1999,p.5). The aim of reflectivity in practice is to ultimately improve patient care.
             The model of structured reflection that will be used in this essay pinpoints key questions in the areas of aesthetics, personal, ethics, empirics, and reflexivity (Johns, 1995,p.226-234). Allowing a discussion on an experience chosen from my reflective journal that was completed over the time of practicum.
             The situation that impacted on me the most was the bed bathing of my client unsupervised for the first time. The client is sixty-three years old, she suffered from a severe diabetic coma, which left her totally immobile, and unable to communicate her needs. .
             Having only ever observed bed bathing this situation made me feel very anxious. The reason for my anxiety was the inability of my client to communicate and the fact that I had had no practical experience with bed bathing. .
             I felt inwardly insecure and feared the unknown; these were the key factors affecting my performance. I understood that I needed to deal with my thoughts in order to gain control of the situation. I did this by reassuring my client verbally as well as with firm physical handling(Beare&myers,1990), and in doing so I was able to reassure myself. .
             The factors that influenced my behaviour were my previous experience with bed bathing which had only occurred in the clinical labs at school. I found that when nursing your classmates there are no limitations of body capability or communication such as the situation I experienced with my client.
             Through the lack of experience in this area the procedure that is seen to be simple turned out to be a bit of an ordeal for myself and in my understanding for the client as well, due to her inability to communicate.

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