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Reflections on My Education

            In this reflective log, I seek to analyse my current semester to determine my weaknesses and strengths and further determine the opportunities available for improvement in subsequent semesters. I will take into consideration a number of personal aspects, such as self-motivation, communication skills (both speaking and listening), time management, assertiveness, teamwork, and team leadership. This reflective log will help me work to the goals that I will set on the basis of my current weaknesses, strengths, and other personal aspects that require improvement with time. .
             The fact that I have undertaken another degree program should make it easy for me to identify my strengths, weaknesses, and areas that require improvement. However, it is openly admissible that a large number of students are not able to pinpoint their areas of weaknesses and strengths. I, too, find the task quite challenging. Communication always has been one of my greatest strengths. I am able to express myself without fear in front of crowds of people and make excellent presentations to large audiences. However, having been out of school for more than a decade poses some challenges relative to learning and interaction. I have to learn a number of skills, such as listening, observation, assertiveness, self-motivation, and building a team spirit. .
             Although with a strength of public speaking in, I am a poor listener. Although I can communicate very fluently orally, being a good listener and a good learner would enhance my communication skills even further, and this creates a need to work on my listening and learning skills. To achieve this, I will be more observant of the environment around me and try to exercise more patience with my colleagues and the audience. I set a timeframe of four weeks to achieve this.
             When we started this module on environmental management for sustainable development, I was not keen on issues to do with environmental conservation and sustainability.

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