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End Of Semester Reflection

            Another semester completed in record time. One would think that after this many years as both a student and teacher in higher education, I would grow accustomed to the rigors of coursework completion and such. However, here I sit again in front of the computer with the final session just 17 hours away. Wow. Perhaps then this reflection should take on more of a philosophical orientation as a final synopsis of the class.
             What I found most enjoyable differs from what I find most applicable. Although I consider them both to be equitable outcomes of the class. What I found most enjoyable is the latitude we were provided as students to help shape the direction of the class as educational psychology applied to our individual endeavors. It was through the ability to take the educational and theoretical backdrop of educational psychology and weave it into the threads that made up the fabric of our education. My feelings regarding this were strong enough that I devoted a reflection paper solely to this educational strategy, and my essentially failed attempts at incorporating it into my teaching habits back at YSU. That particular reflection paper, you"ll probably find rather enjoyable (providing you haven't read it yet).
             Secondly is what I find most applicable. And that still being Bloom's taxonomy. As I had mentioned before, everything I do professionally is built around those constructs. Furthermore, I think that it is the most widely encompassing theory yet to be used within education. It fines applicability to learning objectives, teaching objectives, formative and evaluative objectives, and even in question item writing. It also allows for the conceptualization of lower thought processes (i.e. rote) and higher end thought processes .
             Educational Psychology, 3.
             (i.e. analysis and synthesis). Finally it has found applicability across knowledge (cognitive), skill (psychomotor), and emotion (affective) domains.

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