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Sample College Syllabus

             Introduction to Human Communication is designed to help students increase their effectiveness in basic public speaking and interpersonal communication through learning current theory and developing skills through actual classroom experiences.
             Course Objectives. .
             By the completion of COMM 110, students will be able to understand:.
             A variety of effective methods for organizing and structuring their ideas in both oral and written form.
             How communication apprehension impacts communication in public speaking contexts and strategies for managing communication apprehension.
             The role of listening in communication, especially as it pertains to sending and receiving oral messages.
             The role of emotion when sending and receiving oral messages.
             By the end of this course, students will be able to:.
             Demonstrate proficiency in a variety of oral presentation delivery skills (e.g., vocal cues, eye contact, posture, gestures, use of visual aids).
             Apply appropriate organizational techniques in their oral presentations and written work.
             Collect, apply, and document the use of supporting materials oral presentations and written work.
             Create and adapt verbal and nonverbal messages based on audience analysis.
             Students are held responsible for any materials or course work assigned for a particular class day. This includes, but is not limited to:.
             outlines exams.
             speeches class assignments.
             Unexcused absences result in a 0 for missed exams, speeches, outlines or other assignments.
             Absences due to illness documented in writing from a physician or medical service or those due to university business documented in writing by the appropriate university official (in advance of the class being missed) will be excused. This is not a question of whether or not I believe you. By providing the necessary documentation, fair and consistent standards can be applied to all students. Any medical documentation must be provided to the instructor within one week of the absence in order for it to be taken into consideration.

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