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A Self Reflection

            So here I am, with this paper to write, and I"m being asked all these questions. My cultural heritage is very interesting. I grew up in a very closed racial society, dealing with mostly white people. My mom was really not anything in particular like "Polish", or "Italian", or anything at all like that. Now if you want to talk about my grandmother, she is the definition of "Polish". She can teach you almost anything you want to know about the polish, and she cooks great to boot. No one in my family has ever really been reach now that I think about it, they are all moderately well off but no one is really rich, mostly just middle class working Americans. No one in my family has ever really been too heavy on religion. When I was little I was in a school that made me go to church every Wednesday, which was no good for me. I really dislike religion on what I consider an epic scale. .
             Religion to me, is a way to weaken yourself and leech strength off a principle or a belief, which I don't believe is the right way to do things. I believe that each person should strive to make themselves stronger individuals and learn to deal with things to the fullest and not need a principle or an assertion. I was brought up to believe in respect, responsibility, hard work, and gentry. I retain a lot of those qualities to this day, but I have a very low tolerance for people that lack basic respect and compassion. I mean, if you can't have the basic compassion to not put someone down for a tragedy in his or her life, you really need to reconsider who you are as a person. Well, that's my opinion.
             My family, although teaching me well, was very dysfunctional. My biological father was and still is a psychopath. He used to have visitation rights to me every 2 weeks. Antonio Castro, such a horrible man. He is actually a registered student and attending classes at HCC this semester. He made me use firearms, pistols mostly.

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