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Self-Assessment in the Classroom

            Prior to self-assessment implementation and the key to make it successful, the crucial point is to introduce the concept to get students' acceptance. Intensive conversations with students need to occur before introducing any self-assessment practices. It is particularly important to explore the assumptions and principles that underlie the self-assessment innovation. The implementation process needs to include a clear rationale that students should understand what the purposes of self-assessment are, what are the explicit procedures (Coach students in self-assessment using examples and models) and reassurance of a safe environment in which they can be honest about their own performance without the fear that they will expose information which can be used against them. It is important to make self-assessment as a useful tools into students' learning process in the classroom that can enhance their understanding of they are doing. The following are some of the proposed techniques and procedures to use self-assessment in the classroom. .
             Firstly, students had to acquired and fully understand that self-assessment will be used for self-reflection in the classroom. For a good start, dialog journal or diary is one of the ways of systematizing self-assessment for students. Students are encouraged and required to record what they have learned, how well they learned it (their perceived level of mastery over the course content) and how they will use the acquired skills and knowledge. Herein, teachers shall ensure students keep recording and can best be managed by requiring regular checks on journal entries. Second, teachers have to assist in generating student's independence level. In self-assess, students are given the opportunities to participate actively in checking and evaluating their own work. Therefore, most students will become more independent while they taking on the role of evaluating and reflecting on their own work.

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