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The Nature of Oneself

            When thinking about the nature of ones self, many things come to mind and need to be taken into consideration as our personalities are branched from so many different things. .
             And how we view life is affected by many reflections of who you "are and what you want to become. And our lives and how we live it is determined by "mirrors" we choose to obtain the reflection from. Hypothetically speaking, if you look at the world through pink glasses you will view the world and all things in it as pink and so, though these glasses you will believe that we have and are living in a pink world! .
             Self is the reflection of various "mirrors of life" which changes constantly as we grow. I believe there are three main mirrors of life which govern the way we perceive life from these different angles. It can be considered the determining factor of our personalities and how we come to who we are today, next year and five years ago. Our personalities are all unique, and what we believe in, the different choices we make, our style, or taste or joys and depressions are all molded by these three mirrors of life: the "spiritual mirror", the "mirror of self-perception and emotions" and the "social mirror".
             The spiritual dimension is what draws upon the sources that inspire and uplift us and tie us into the timeless truths or what we believe to be truths of all humanity. It molds us in the sense that it is what we identify ourselves with. It is very private. This aspect of the nature of self is affected primarily by ones upbringing and family life and is further affected by experiences and visions along ones life span is it positive or negative. The Religious mirror allows us to make judgment about what is right or wrong. How you dress is such an example. Take for instance the reflection of a Muslim looking through a religious mirror as it relates to dress, this would be clothing oneself fully allowing only the eyes to be seen.

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