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High School Proposal

            High Schools across the country are each very different in the ways that they are operate their schools. Some of the schools have the money, the well-educated teachers, and the perfect location that gives their students a chance for a better education. On the other hand, some schools are very poor, have a lot of crime and violence within the school, and is located in a poor location, which gives the students that attend those schools a very small chance of even graduating. Each school wants for their students to receive the best education possible in their school, with the hopes that their students will graduate within four years, and receive their high school diplomas. Secondary Education is a very important aspect of education, weather the school is private, public, or a charter school. Each school has the same basic goals: to give students the opportunity for learning, to teach them the basic subjects required for graduating, and to give them a welcoming, healthy, and safe learning environment. .
             In my ideal high school there are several things that I feel would make the school a beneficial learning environment. .
             The school would be a middle-sized school, consisting of anywhere between 850 to 1000 students, but no more than 1000. Schools that are overcrowded, and have a large number of students tend to have a harder time keeping things under control. There will be twenty to twenty-five students per classroom, with one teacher per class. This will give both the students and teachers the opportunity to know one another on a more personal level. Students who need extra help will be able to seek their teacher much easier because of the smaller size of the class. This is especially beneficial for those students who have a learning disability, and need more help and time with their education. The teacher will be able to spend more time helping those students who need it with a smaller class size.

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