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The American School System

            As many already know, the American school system is failing more and more as days go by. Billions of dollars from American taxpayers are going to the public schools of the United States, but statistics show that more students drop out of school every year. Local governments have been meeting up with each other to find a solution to what is becoming a fiasco, without any success. Why can't they fix what every other country as wealthy as the states manages? Why is it so difficult to fix this issue, and what is the reason that the American School system is failing?.
             ¬≠Until 2020, the USA will be dominated by jobs which are high skill high pay, sharpening the bright side of the moon even more. But what about the dark side? An experience which many students face is that you're doing well in school, and once you fall a little bit behind in a couple of subjects you're suddenly moved to a worse school. Then your grades and motivation get even worse for each year, never getting a chance to get back on track again. These bad schools are the main reason for the American School system's failure. The government is continually trying to fix these schools, but what is the reason for a school being bad?.
             The answer to that question is bad teachers. Teachers are everything a school is worth for, making a school either the best one in your country, or the worst one. You'd think the solution to this issue would be as easy as to fire them, but in America and many other countries there is something called teacher tenure. Teacher tenure is something included in the contract you sign when you become a teacher for a school, preventing your employer to be able to fire you without proper reason. Proper reasons for firing a teacher does not include being a bad, unmotivated and uncaring teacher, but more specific and maybe scandalous reasons, like maybe if you become a sex offender. .
             Since firing a bad teacher is not an option, many schools send their teachers off to another school in return receiving other teachers, which they later find out is just as bad.

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