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School systems

             The American International School Kuwait.
             The topic chosen for this study is about the different education systems, comparisons between them and how it can affect the quality of education. Education aims at the creation of an individual into a holistic person who can perform in all aspects of life- academic, social, economic, physical etc. Educational systems the world over is attempting to internalize the impact of globalization and therefore various educational systems have come in vogue to cater to various needs of individuals. As basic education has been universalized, information explosion and knowledge growth highlight the need for innovative strategies and approaches in education. The various systems target various approaches and individuals can choose depending on their aptitude, requirements etc. This study aims to analyse and compare the different educational systems. Three schools in the vicinity following different systems- American, Indian and British-are included in this study. .
             A vast difference in the methods and modes of teaching and learning has been observed in these three different educational systems. With these differences come the very basic reasons why students chose one in favor of the other. A lot of different reasons are there for making these very different choices. It always depended not only on individual preferences but also factors like good background for university studies, availabilty of flexibilty in choice of courses and other factors. Why have students chosen this? That is what the study is based on. To get an answer to these questions, the systems had to be understood in detail and that is what is attempted in this study. My statement of task is to make a comparison between the different styles of education and the quality of education received.
             I believe that the quality of education depends on the following factors-.
             1. Average class size.
             2. Allowed to choose courses.

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