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Public School Systems

             Currently, public school districts are doing a very poor job of providing students with the education that is essential to excel in college courses. Changes need to occur in the school systems in order to better educate the students and prepare them for college. An increase in the number of certified teachers and exit tests are vital for students in today's society in order to succeed.
             Presently, there is a major shortage of certified teachers in Texas. If teachers do not receive certification to instruct the subject they are teaching, it creates a sizeable setback in the school system by not providing students with the information they need to learn during that course. School districts should require certification for all teachers who wish to work in their school system. Obviously, by hiring uncertified teachers, the district robs the student of the quality education that they deserve and need for higher education later in life. Also, certified teachers know more than just what it is they have to teach; they know how to teach it and how to relate it to the students. One of the main causes of less individuals seeking teacher certification is a direct result of the way the public school systems treat their employees. Teachers, especially ones with certification, deserve much better pay and treatment than what they are currently receiving. Therefore, if schools want teacher certification to be a requirement to work in their district, they should also raise teacher's salary and become more conscious of how the teachers are treated. Schools need to come to the realization that they have shortchanged their students by not requiring teacher certification and begin to raise their standards in order to provide the best education possible for their students.
             Also, today's public schools fail to require students to take any sort of exit exam to be promoted to the next grade level.

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