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Milwaukee Public School - Budget Challenges

            Milwaukee Public Schools have a higher budget than any other school district in Wisconsin. This is probably because MPS has a large number of staff working for them as well as over 86,000 students; therefore, Milwaukee Public schools are one of the largest employers in Wisconsin. The state and federal government are the main funding sources for MPS but taxpayers contribute a substantial amount as well. Since MPS relies mainly on its three funding sources above, small-large businesses, parents, taxpayers, and everyone in the community look forward to MPS graduates to finish college in order to put revenue back in Milwaukee, WI. Lately, MPS as a whole has not been performing as well in academics as other school districts; for instance, their low-graduation rates and test scores seem to be forcing more and more parents to pull their children out of Milwaukee Public Schools along with college graduates second-guessing their decision to come work for MPS. .
             For as long as I can remember, Milwaukee Public schools have always had to deal with a lot of criticism about their academic programs and low-test scores, and with that, being said, MPS has inherited a bad reputation. Public schools are usually placed in the inner city and typically, low-income families stay in those areas; moreover, achieving a higher education will increase the likelihood of underprivileged children receiving a better life. Students and Staff deserve the proper necessities they need to do their jobs and when they don't have those materials, this makes it harder for them to do their jobs; however, the budget for supplies and other materials is very low and students and staff have to deal with this on a regular basis. I believe public school students and teachers need all the materials, curriculums, and funds they need-to provide them with the same education that non-public schools receive. .
             The challenges that Milwaukee Public schools have to deal with are greater than any other school and the solutions are not that agreeable at all.

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