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school voucher policy

             A current policy issue in public education deals with the quality of schooling. Many presume public schools across America are achieving far less than they once did, an inclination which cannot be absolutely authenticated. The diminishing quality in schools is somewhat attributed to lack of competition in the public sector's educational system. Most parents do not have a choice about where their kids go to school. Currently, district lines prevent a consumer from choosing the best value of education. This is coupled with the fact private education is not a reality for low to middle income families because of the high cost. In effect, public schools have a monopoly on education. When a monopoly occurs, the incentive to improve is neglected. Public schools do not improve because they do not have to. .
             Is privatization the solution? The policy is targeted at low to middle income families which would allow them to choose between public, private, and religious schools for their children's education. The choice to parents comes in the form of a voucher. The voucher policy includes a predetermined amount of money allocated to parents. After receiving the voucher, parents are allowed to enroll in the school of their choice. Since public education is currently funded by tax dollars, vouchers would simply be distributed equally amongst this budget. This enables parents to purchase education in a free market system while education remains funded by the government. .
             Many assumptions are made regarding the successful use of school choice. The main assumption in applying school vouchers relates to the target population. In order for school choice to be successful, parents must know what school is best for their kids. Students vary in their ability to thrive in certain conditions. The best education for some children might not best fit others. Therefore, the success of school vouchers relies on the knowledge of parents.

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