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Anti Vouchers

             On April 30, 1998, a policy document entitled "A Nation Still At Risk" was released. The document contended the problems of education from the 1980s that still had not been resolved (Good 86). It created a controversy about the quality of American's public schools. Through the document, parents are finally informed about how the public schools are failing and it created an educational crisis. The document made many parents lost trust in public education. Due to the failure in public education, parents had to go in search for an alternate choice for their children's education. The only method that parents can get their children to continue school without having to attend a public school is through vouchers. Vouchers give parents choices in deciding what school their children may attend. Voucher is the only way to give our children the education that they are entitled to, and it should be supported nationwide.
             Vouchers have been dated as far back as World War II, when it was introduced as the GI Bill by Congress to help veterans continued their education at the school of their choice. As time progresses, vouchers also have taken the shape of food stamps and payments to supplement rent in the private housing market and in programs like Medicaid and Medicare (Good 90). However, these vouchers are only for mature adults who can decide for themselves. In the past decade, vouchers have been known in the form of school choices. These vouchers are use for the advantages of children of all ages. What a voucher does is taken the amount of tax dollars already collected to use on public education and instead give it to parents. This enables parents to have choice to enroll their children in the school they desire. Why is it so important to let parents have total control over their children's education? The answer is quite clear. The government has long interfered with our children's education by making them go to public schools, and it has totally failed.

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