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Public Hellhole or Private Paradise: School Choice Reveals A

            Will school choice significantly improve educational standards? This is the fundamental question in school choice policy debates. Are vouchers the solution or do they just compound the problem? Teachers unions believe school choice will destroy the public school system, a mainstay of government responsibility. Yet others argue that the failings of public education are the primary reason why certain groups are held back from advancing their place in society. Who is right? More importantly, whose interests will win out?.
             As American support for the public education system dwindles, many parents find the only place for their children to receive a quality education is in a private school. The areas that are most important to a private school are also the ones that seem to be lacking in public schools. These include safety, order, teaching the basics and challenging young minds.
             Across the nation, public education systems continue to fail students; therefore many have chosen to attend private Catholic high schools to receive an education that will better prepare them for college. Overcrowded public high schools have been dealing with the problems of insufficient funding, large class sizes, students who simply refuse to learn and are disruptive.
             Due to an increase in violent acts committed, many public high schools have instituted low level security measures to ensure the safety of students. The types of security found in these schools include closed campuses, controlled access to the school building and grounds, random drug and metal detector, banning certain types of clothing, and either full or part time security guards have been assigned. How can students be expected to learn and teachers educate in an environment like this?.
             Bob McCormick is in second grade. He has two older brothers, Chris and Tom, who are both in High School. Although all three children would be better suited at a private school across town, due to tuition costs, they attend the public schools where most of the kids in their neighborhood attend.

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