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Teaching Sexual Education in Public Schools

            Teaching Sexual Education in the public school setting attracts many different arguments that range from people supporting the idea, to those that are opposed to it. Different viewpoints have risen over the decades of oppositions, with a tremendous array of supporting views for the teaching of sexual education in the public school setting. First in the late 1960's and remerging in the 1980's following the widespread outbreak of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. However, opposition to sexual education has been based on a comprehensive approach in modern public schools instead of using the abstinence-only approach. In response, of the sexual education teaching in public schools, it should be taught because it will reduce the rates of teenage pregnancy, the transmission of STD's, and will help young people build and strengthen their interpersonal and relationship skills. .
             Teaching sexual education in public schools will drastically reduce the pregnancy rates of teenagers becoming parents at such an early age. In the review by Jon Knowles, and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), the comprehensive approach to sexual education has shown reduced rates of sexual behavior activities by teenagers; abstinence-only programs have shown to have no effect on teenagers. In the review" The Multiple Choices of Sex Education: Giving A Quiz or a Test After Sex Education Courses May Not Be The Best Way To Ensure That Students Use What They've Learned in Class To Make Good Decisions After Class (Hamilton, Sanders, Anderman; 2013) students that learn through role playing activities are more likely to master skills to get out of certain situations where they are likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors. .
             Another positive benefit of teaching sexual behavior is that it drastically reduces the risks of spreading or contracting an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease). This arises since the education involves proper instructions on the different types of contraceptives and other precautions needed to avert contracting an STD (Knowles and PPFA).

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