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Sex Education in the Elementary Schools

            Sex Education in the Elementary Schools.
             Sex education at the elementary school level can be (and often is) a very controversial topic; however, we must not lose sight in all the controversy of the importance of teaching sex education in the elementary grades. From seeing what my brother was taught in elementary school, sex education which currently exists in our system, provides evidence that there is too much lacking in the area of sex education. Sex education in the elementary should be a major curriculum component. Sex education at this level does not have to be in great detail or very explicit; the important thing is that it is taught at all. There are many reasons why sex education needs to be included in the elementary school curriculum. The three main reasons that sex education needs to be addressed in the elementary schools are first, to increase AIDS awareness; second, to help reduce the teen pregnancy rates and the negative outcomes associated with it; and third, to promote overall sexual health of students. .
             Admittedly, some parents may not want their children to be subjected to sexual education at this age because they may feel children are too young. Benita Garcia a 40- year-old homemaker, is concerned with the possibility that if children are taught about sex education this may be placing ideas into their heads, thus making them want to experiment and try something new (NYT 2). Even though people may not totally approve of the idea of teaching sex education to elementary students they must see the reasoning behind this idea. Many parents may not know the startling statistics that result from the lack of sex education in elementary schools. However, the facts and statistics may influence the way that they feel on the issue of sex education in the elementary schools. The number of people diagnosed with AIDS and those who have succumbed to the disease is alarming. In 2000 (according to the AIDS and HIV American Statistics Council), 15,147 Americans died from AIDS.

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