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Single Sex Schools Vs. Mixed Schools

            Your school studies reflect your school's enviroment a great deal. Focusing on school and not the opposite sex at school can be .
             challenging. Single - gender education is one way to prevent this distraction. Although the company of the opposite sex may be a challenge or .
             may be an invitation for some to learn, it is one of the most debated topics today. Single - gender education may open up some students from holding back regularly, while co-educational schooling creates a block on most students to prevent them from being more upfront with their studies.
             In a single - gender environment everyone is treated as an equal, while in some mixed schools girls get the 'secondhand'. In this assertion I mean that most boys get more attention than girls, therefore, preventing females from learning properly. Jackson and Smith write,"There is a common belief that co-educational schools are'bad' for girls and 'good' for boys."(2) This is true in the fact that many recognize that boys usually get more attention in mixed classes compared to girls. On the other hand, single - gender schools are often looked at as better or more improved than that of mixed schools. Some may believe this and some may not, but it has been proven that this enviroment is complimentary to females. Jackson confirms, " Pupils' perceptions of single - sex classes varied by gender. Eighty per cent of girls claimed to be more confident in single-sex classes than in mixed- sex classes and would want to continue in the girls only groups beyond year 7. With only fifteen per cent of girls enjoying mixed classes more than single - sex ones."(41) Boy's thoughts were considerably differed compared to the women as Jackson also writes, " The boys, fifty nine per cent, felt that single-sex classes neither helped nor hindered their progress." (42) By this you can see that a single - gender environment is favored considerabilly.
             In my opinion, Single - gender classes are much more helpful and interesting than mixed classes.

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