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            My premise is that communication about racial and gender stereotypes, (specifically toward African Americans and women), has a detrimental affect on how we as individuals, and society in general, interact with each other. It is no secret that there still stands a racial barrier between blacks and whites this day and age. Certainly women find themselves in less powerful positions than men. Through observation, my research and knowledge, prejudice against blacks and women has been repeatedly demonstrated, and although maybe not intentionally, still goes on in many different ways and in many different places. This bigotry, and the portrayal of some African Americans and women, results in a severe lack of interaction among one another and fewer opportunities in life. .
             Although in this day and age, blacks and whites are, to a large degree, integrated, there is still widespread segregation between the two races. This occurs in housing, education, job opportunity, financial interactions, sports, government and, sadly, between individuals. Women find themselves closed out of certain jobs and paid less than male counterparts doing the same job.
             The use of discriminatory language, toward minorities and women is everywhere. Some examples might include referring to women as the "weaker sex". I have heard "a lady doesn't act that way". Another example is "girls are not good in math or science". This puts women in an inferior position by establishing unrealistic expectations and presumptions, as well as real barriers. I have heard "blacks are lazy" and "black people are not to be trusted". This translates into discriminatory behavior toward African Americans based on stereotype, not fact.
             There are many places in this country labeled as "black" or "white" areas, which are highly populated by one race. This is no surprise because once an area becomes dominated by a certain race, there is a tendency for one group of people to flourish and one to diminish.

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