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School's Website Filters

            Schools all across the world have access to the internet. The internet has the ability to be a very resourceful tool for education development. It also has the capability to taint the learning process. Adding filters and limiting access to internet seemed ideal to keep students on task, but school systems have taken the filtering too far. Censoring websites is not the way to correct student's behavior. Doing so restricts the learning process and does not allow the student's to reach full learning capacity. Schools are doing more harm than good by over filtering their student's internet. .
             The purpose of filtering websites is to keep people on task. This idea has the ability to be a good thing, but many schools and businesses overkill their systems with filters, rendering them useless. The Internet is a very resourceful tool to use in the learning process. Whether the knowledge be academic, moral, emotional, artistic or Using the internet has many benefits. Writing a difficult paper, expanding your knowledge on a subject or finding a way to use your leisure time can be an easy task with the assistance of the internet. The place that focuses on composing papers and furthering knowledge the most is the very same place that restricts it to the confines of bland books and selected websites. This place is a school. .
             Filtering websites is a form of censorship. Censorship is the suppression of speech, writing and visual images that are deemed obscene, inappropriate and/or controversial. Learning institutes that students are required to attend should not have such harsh limitations on what their students can or cannot access. Enabling these types of filters leads to rebellion and internet abuse. Schools should most definitely not allow students to enter sites with illegal and immoral content, but some web pages have very useful information. Censoring content may seem like the best option, but why not give students the opportunity to branch out their mind and learn about other things? Allow classrooms to teach certain subjects that may be considered, "Taboo".

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