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Policing The Superhighway

             In the age of the Internet and the information super highway, billions of people have access to a seemingly infinite number of bytes of information. Nothing is utopian in design however, and alongside this information come such evils as racism and pornography. Perhaps the greatest evil is that children can readily receive things such as pornography. Not only is it easy to find, but often times children are bombarded by pornography. However, due to the design and regulation of the Internet, preventing minors from viewing pornography becomes a herculean task. Although it is necessary for Internet pornography to be censored from minors; laws governing pornography are difficult to establish because it is a highly controversial topic, the laws could impede upon Constitutional rights, and there is not one authoritative figure to regulate the Internet.
             Censoring Internet pornography is an ongoing, heated topic that has yet to discover a solution. In any conversation in which this debate is brought up, you will not find a group in which everyone agrees. Some people believe in censorship and some do not. Stanley Kauffmann in his report, "Pornography and Censorship," states, "I"m not convinced that a young person without sexual experience and some maturity of judgment can see pornography as pornography-(39). Kauffmann is trying to interpret that children, if they see pornography, do not realize that it is a bad or immoral thing unless they have had contact with sexual conduct before. If they have not seen, how are the children to know it is a bad thing? Therefore saying that censorship of pornography is not a necessary thing. On the contrary, the federal government feels that filtering in schools is a mandatory objective, even if this means filtering websites that have valuable information on them for the students. .
             Filtering is a system that allows all computers to be hooked up to a central location where everyone using a computer is linked to it.

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