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             The Internet is a method of communication and a source .
             of information that is becoming more popular among those who .
             are interested in, and have the time to surf the information .
             superhighway. The problem with this much information being .
             accessible to this many people is that some of it is deemed .
             inappropriate for minors. The government wants censorship, .
             but a segment of the population does not. Legislative .
             regulation of the Internet would be an appropriate function .
             of the government. .
             The Communications Decency Act is an amendment which .
             prevents the information superhighway from becoming a .
             computer "red light district." On June 14, 1995, by a vote .
             of 84-16, the United States Senate passed the amendment. It .
             is now being brought through the House of Representatives.1 .
             The Internet is owned and operated by the government, .
             which gives them the obligation to restrict the materials .
             available through it. Though it appears to have sprung up .
             overnight, the inspiration of free-spirited hackers, it in .
             fact was born in Defense Department Cold War projects of the .
             1950s.2 The United States Government owns the Internet and .
             has the responsibility to determine who uses it and how it .
             is used. .
             The government must control what information is .
             accessible from its agencies. .
             This material is not lawfully available through .
             the mail or over the telephone, there is no valid .
             reason these perverts should be allowed unimpeded .
             on the Internet. Since our initiative, the .
             industry has commendably advanced some blocking .
             devices, but they are not a substitute for .
             well-reasoned law.4 .
             Because the Internet has become one of the biggest sources .
             of information in this world, legislative safeguards are .
             imperative. .
             The government gives citizens the privilege of using .
             the Internet, but it has never given them the right to use .
             it. .
             They seem to rationalize that the framers of the .
             constitution planned & plotted at great length to .

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