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Democracy and the Internet

             Defined by the Webster dictionary as the common people, considered as the primary source of political power. If the common people are the first and foremost rulers of the country, then shouldn't we decide what we want in our society? Democracy itself consists of free expression, and Internet consists of the same values. We have created many technologies that have enhanced our society including the Internet. The Internet has opened up many avenues of life that were once unheard of. I will show exactly how democracy is improved by the invention of the Internet. .
             Before the Internet, there were many technologies that allowed people to express themselves openly to others. For hundreds of years there was the newspaper where anything could be written and read on any subject. Next, were the radio and then the television, which allowed people to interact on a broader level. These technologies are also known as general interest intermediaries (GII). These are persons or groups that provide information to the public. General interest intermediaries brought exposure to a variety of ideas and a common experience within the community. These GII's are still in existence, which shows that Internet did not replace the simpler yet important forms of information. To hold back a technology from allowing new experiences would be hindering society and ultimately democracy. .
             The Internet allows people to have experiences they may have never even encountered in their everyday life. In addition, it allows businesses to communicate with customers better. For example, a small family business in Texas would normally only have revenue from within their community, this limits their business and puts them at potential risk of going out of business. Yet with the Internet, this small family business can sell their products to people all over the country and potentially all over the world, which would improve their revenue and the economy.

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