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Internet Democracy

            What is democracy? Democracy is a form of government in which the people have a voice in the exercise of power, typically through elected representatives. What is the internet? An international information network linking computers, accessible to the public via modem links. Has the internet changed the quality of democracy in our country? I believe that the internet has had a positive effect on the quality of democracy in the United States, however, there are many factors that question the influence of the internet and whether or not the effects of this modern technology are positive or have even had any effects at all? .
             First of all, there are currently 55% of Americans utilizing the internet and 70% of Americans have access to it. This is a leading source of information for many households. The internet has become cost effective and the availabilities of online services are seemingly endless. Not only can we obtain access from the comfort of our homes, but, at work, on our cellular phones, portable laptops, and libraries. The internet also provides flexibility for people to look at the information that want to see when they want to see it, not when the television, newspaper, or radio media choose to let you obtain it. In regards to political awareness the internet has enabled people to research their political preferences at the touch of a button, have more direct access to their congressmen and senators by email, view television archives of speeches, have discussions that are interactive with others, and also saves many dollars on the campaign trail because the use of the internet and world wide web is significantly less than other media outlets.
             Although the use of the internet is prevalent in the United States there are still some notable downfalls with this modern technology. Even though the access to the internet is getting more available there are still individuals who are not educated to use computers, may not be able to afford a computer or may not be literate.

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