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The Internet And Democracracy

             It is often said that information is the cornerstone of democracy, and at no time is information more fundamental than during elections. But prior to the initiation of the Internet, reliable voter information was difficult to come by. Now, thanks to the Internet, it's possible to provide all kinds of helpful information to the public at any given time. This information could include anything from voting records and campaign finance data to candidates' positions on issues. On the Internet, we can build the tools that play a key part and that are vital to citizens. Citizens need to be accurately informed and engaged in the process of self-government. By making information more convenient and easily accessible to the general public, we increase the likelihood that busy people will be motivated to get informed and pay closer attention to our public establishments. .
             The idea of using the internet to supplement the governmental system has the potential to strengthen democracy around the world by providing a powerful new force to assist public participation, communication, and representation. On the other hand, it can reinforce the existing divides by increasing the gap between the "haves" and "have nots". Whether or not the potential use of the internet will be used to deepen and promote democracy will depend on the policies and strategies formulated and implemented by national governments and the international community. .
             The internet revolution is molding society into a different type of person. Alternately labeled s the "digital divide" and additionally named as the "electronic frontier," it has intensely indistinct implications for the future of democracy. Without a doubt, the numbers of people participating in this electronic communication are increasing, as are the opportunities for political communication and sharing of information. Despite this, typical users are not representative of the true social make up.

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