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Democracy, success and failure

             I was born in Vietnam, a communist country. My life went by smoothly and I even did not care .
             about what is Democracy; I was a student and all I had to do was trying to study hard so that I .
             would find a good job at the time of graduation and so were my friends. However, everything .
             changed when I immigrated into the United States, I was quite impressed by the life of American .
             people in which they have the real freedom: they have the right to give their opinion, they have .
             the right to choose their government systems, and so on. After living here about one month, my .
             relatives asked me: "Now, how do you feel?" I did not know how to answer that question, and .
             then they told me: "It's called Democracy". The question: "What is Democracy?" surrounded .
             me. I paid much attention of this issue, tried to answer my question by following the life of the .
             Americans, watching the way live, I also took Government courses and so on, finally I had my own .
             conclusion that Democracy is the best system of the people civilization, and that every body .
             want Democracy because in a Democracy system, the people are respected and so are their .
             rights. I also realized that in my homeland Vietnam, Democracy is a failure, and in China, .
             Burma, or North Korea as well; on the other hand Democracy is successful in many countries .
             like Unites States, Canada, or Finland. Moreover, I knew why our people, the Vietnamese do .
             not live in a Democracy society. So what is Democracy? .
             First, Democracy means power belongs to the people, people have the right to do whatever they .
             want or say whatever they think, as long as they do not violate the laws. Through voting people .
             choose their leaders to govern their country, that means the government has to work for their .
             people, and can be replaced whenever it does not do its role well. The government does not .
             have the right to control religious activities, the press, and multimedia. Moreover, Democracy .

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