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             Deibert titiled Edemocracy: Current Trends and Future Prospects outlines the impact of how information communication technology will influence a variety of sectors from privarte business to the government and military in the near future. Diebert discusses that the implementation of digital media and ICT will increase liberlization in society, openness and citizen participation in the govermental elections. In the report Diebert cohesively analyzes the current trends and future prospect of ICT will be known as "Edemocracy." Edemocracy is a term used to describe electronic voting, to electronic delivery of government services. Deilbert beleives that ICT will be empowerd by states and corporations instead of citizens, which could lead to the invasion of privacy that has been preserved by liberal democratic systems. Diebert focuses on how Edeomocracy will affect three well-known forms of democracy: representative democracy, direct democracy, and deliberative democracy.
             Deilbert divides his report into sections, which he clearly states in the overview section of the report. The author brings the reader to a step-by-step question format outlining what he will discuss such as what the current state of ICT use is among citizens and across the Province, also the different ways citezens access the Internet and how these issues will evolove in the future. In the paper Dibert emphasizes on electtronic voting and how ICT will make citizens interact with their elected representatives. Diebert also engages the reader with questions such as "have ICT's enabled citizens to have their voice better heard in decision making processes within Ontario?" These questions, just as many others in the introduction of the paper involves the reader to analyze these questions while their reading the paper.
             Dieberet emphasizes the way Canadians use the internet compared to the rest of the world. It is mentioned that Canada is among the leaders worldwide in terms of Internet access.

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