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Direct and Representative Democracy

            Like many political terms the word Democracy is derived from the Greeks words "demos and kratos. Democracy is a form of government offering a workable solution to the fundamental political problems of reaching a collective decisions by peaceful means.hague et al. 2001.It is the concept of collective decision and the mechanics of participation that is our concern, The forms of democracies in question that is, direct and representative are both in their own distinguish ways democratic and carry the connotation of rule of the people and by the people, but the bone of contention is the process by which these distinguish democratic ideas are put into practise. The most important aspect of both these forms is the participatory nature, whereas one of them entails the active participation of the populace in the discussion and decision making process, the other is concern with the delegation of these duties to an elected group of people to do the discussion and decision making process for the populace. Considering the fact that the basis of modern democracy is the proposition that every adult person's judgement about the conduct of public affairs is entitled to be given equal weight with every other person's. It is only fair to say despite our differences financially, intellectually, or otherwise, men and women should have equal right to say how we wish to be governed. So for citizens to be only able to exercise their political right by electing representative every four to five years who between these intervals takes all the decisions which might not be in the public interest is not fair and it is not what an old Athenian would call democracy. My point of argument is that direct form of democracy can be more democratic than the representative form in so doing will focus on the REPRESENTATION and DECISION MAKING process.
             Plato argued in his book The Republic, that government be placed in the hand class of philosophers, kings.

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