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Role in Democracy

             United States of America runs on a democratic system of government. In order for us to maintain this wonderful and fair way of life, our citizens must participate in the process which make the system work. This is a crucial part of democracy. .
             First, let's define the term democracy. Democracy is a system of government in which all the people of a country can vote to elect their representatives. These representatives are the ones we (the individual, normal, working citizens; the people) go to to express our voices, opinions and views. The beauty of it is that our representatives will be more than happy to listen to our concerns and assists us every way possible. This is due to the reason that we elected these representatives into office; and if they want to be successful in running for office the next term they must show their utmost care for those whom voted for them. This notion highlights the catalyst of democracy where power lies within the people instead of the few. .
             Voting is definitely the most direct way that people (citizen) can do to participate in a democratic system. It is a way for us to practice our rights to take part in making political decisions. Whether if it involves making decisions in federal, state or local government, voting ensures that the decision being made is what the majority of us want and that it is in our best interest. We vote for president in trusting him to lead our nation to prosperity; we vote for governors in trusting them to govern and protect our lives, rights and liberties; we vote for representatives and congress to propose bills and pass laws with intentions to pursuit the ideal justice for society. Voting affect us in countless ways from things as small as purchasing a pair of shoes to as big as our foreign policies on importing and exporting. .
             Another of many ways to participate is by joining interest groups and organizations.

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